Easily Update Your Website Yourself! Seriously!

Believe it or not, many of the websites we design are maintained and updated by our clients themselves.

Yes, it’s true! You really can say goodbye to boring, frustrating, and out-dated templates because we can provide you with a custom look that you control. Cassandra Bryan Design does all the set-up and design work which includes a user friendly administration area allowing you to edit text and images. Your website never gets stale with this approach.

Major website updates – when you decide they are necessary – are preformed by Cassandra Bryan Design, freeing you to remain focused on your core business.

Website Front End About Page


Login to your Content Management System:

Login to Your Admin Panel

Login to Your Admin Panel

Edit All Pages From Your Admin Panel

Your Admin Panel, Choose a Page to Edit

Edit the About Page

Media Manager: Below is a screen shot of the website Media Manager. You can upload images, excel documents and PDFs to your website server and then insert the files into your website pages or make available for downloading.

Manage Your Media

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