Serendipity Hair is coming soon to Canada! The owners of the new salon have asked for the following in their logo: “will be aiming for something clean, bright, large mirrors (as it is a small space 900 sq. ft), soothing, warm, classy not funky”.

Logo Design Option A

The first logo designed reflects a very sophisticated atmosphere. The “s” icon and type is very easy to read from a distance.

Logo Design Option B

Logo Design Option C

Logo Design Option D

Logo Design Option E

Logo Design Option F

The above logos were submitted to the salon owner for review. Option B was chosen to move forward with. An array of color options were requested. I created different color themes below using images the salon owner emailed me for inspiration.

Serendipity Logo Design - Blossom Theme

Serendipity Logo Design - Deep Envy Theme

Serendipity Logo Design - Strawberry Ice Cream Theme

Serendipity Logo Design - Good Earth Theme

Revised Colors

Walnut Color Theme

Front Sign Size

2 Responses to Serendipity Hair Salon Logo Designs

  1. My #1 choice is Logo D. I think it has a very “classy” look and perhaps a little old fashioned, but I like that. I think Logo F would appeal to the younger more modern crowd. B seems a little busy to me. Logo F would be my second choice — I like the colors. A is OK but doesn’t really appeal to me that much. Logo C doesn’t have a lot of contrast and color. And there you have Gma’s opinion. Love you!

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