Here are several designs for the MUDWATER 2011 Triathlon/Duathlon

Revisions Requested:

One Response to MUDWATER 2011 Triathlon Shirt Designs

  1. Alan: I think the first one if too similar to the old design, but without the “lake”. It’s a nice clean design, but only text.

    The second one obviously places emphasis on the run, which isn’t bad, but I would delete the”get dirty” tag line and put less emphasis on the MUD Water by shrinking the font size and increasing the triathlon and duathon font. I think we can eliminate the club logo and put out on the back of the shirt.

    Maude likes the third one, but not the colors. I have the same comments as the second one in regard to font sizes, tag line and and logo.

    Heather: I agree with Alan’s comments. First one too simple and similar to what we had…the second one is a little too busy and I have the same thoughts about emphasizing the mud that Alan did. It’s not as if it’s a Muddy Buddy race… I like the third one the best graphically but don’t like the colors as well as the red and blue. I think if we can stick with club colors that would be nice.

    Chrissy: I agree with Alan. The second one could also have a “cleaner” shoeprint. The third one just looks too muddy.

    Luther: I like the third one based on the originality of the design. I, personally, am not opposed to the colors–again, just to mix it up. I also like the “get dirty” tag line. If you are going to have a race called “Mudwater,” you’ve got to own and embrace the whole mud thing…right?

    Chris: I agree with Luther. I think the 3rd one is the best and I would not change it. If the colors need to be adjusted that is fine with me.

    Matt: #3 for me! (

    Based on the conversation above, the following are my suggestions:

    “Shoeprint” Design:
    * Two-Color – Red & Blue
    * Decrease “MUD WATER’ font size. Make equal and combine to one word. Keep color separation between “MUD” & “WATER” so red “WATER” is effectively in the blue shoe print, but with some white space around it..
    * Increase “Triathlon & Duathlon” font size
    * Decrease the “7.10.11″ and “Lake Afton” font sizes. Make equal.
    * Delete the club logo, allowing font size changes to take up left side of shoe.
    * Delete “Get Dirty” tag line

    “Splat” Design:
    * Decrease “MUD” and “WATER’ font sizes.
    * The above would likely decrease the vertical “2011″ font size
    * Increase “Triathlon & Duathlon” font size
    * Decrease “7.10.11″ font size
    * Delete “Get Dirty” tag line
    * Show a two-color option using the club colors. (The splat would be red; the text blue or white like currently set, but with the darker blue.)

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