This posting is intended to help the clients of Cassandra  Bryan Design who are using a custom HTML template in iContact. Below are step by step instructions on creating a new email using the template loaded by Cassandra.

Note** iContact has recently updated the “look” of their website software, but all the screen shot and directions below still apply. All the steps and buttons are still in the same places. The background design and fonts have simply changed with iContacts update to their site.


Login Here:

Step 2: Click on “Create” Tab


Step 2 screen shot

Step 3:
Click on “Create a Message”


Step 3 Screen Shot

Step 4:
Click on “Copy” under the “General Email Template”


Step 4 Screen Shot


Step 5:
Change Subject Line, and compose your message

Step 5 Screen Shot

Step 6:

Click “Copy Text” for text only version email to be generated for those who choose not to receive HTML emails. Then click “Proceed to Send”.

Step 6 Screen Shot

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