The HOA board members of the Park City community contacted Cassandra Bryan Design to create a website for their neighborhood. They need a place online that their neighbors can all log onto members only pages to receive updates on board meetings, events and submit HOA dues online. The site will also have public pages to display community and building information for prospective home buyers and builders. This will be a WordPress CMS website. An online admin panel will allow
the site owner to make updates and add pages at anytime.

A few design notes:
The big image at the top of the website home page designs below will be an animated slide show of photos of the community. The drop down menu item “Community Resources” will be members only pages. All other pages will be visible to the public. The map image is just a placeholder for the illustration I will design.


Website Design 1 - (Canvas and Wood Background)



Website Design 2

Website Design 2 - (Wood and Canvas Background)


Website Design 3

Website Design 3 (Wooden with Green)


Website Design 4 - Leather /New Layout


Below are screen shots to show you how the site will most likely be seen in most browsers.

Revised Website Design:

Revised Design on Oct. 24th. (Web Design 2)

Revised Design on Oct. 24th. (Web Design 2)


Community Map Illustration


Final Home Page Design

3 Responses to Wyndham Community Website Designs

  1. Hi Cassandra – the home page designs look great. I particularly like design 1 with the canvas and wood background. I like the way you have organized the member pages and access to covenants and bylaws. It is very exciting to see the work you have done and know the potential it has for our community.

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