If you have a Facebook page for your business, it will be getting a facelift, come March 30th. You’ve already seen the new timeline with personal Facebook pages. Well, that layout will become the new look of your business page. Here are some tips that may help you around the new layout.

1. Cover Photo

▪   The size of this area is 850 pixels by 315 pixels. You can either crop photos to that size, or you can create your own custom cover photo. However, there are restrictions to what kind of content that can be displayed in your cover photo. Information that is not acceptable for your cover include: pricing, purchase information, contact information and “like” or “share.” So, be creative, there are plenty of awesome things you can do!

2. Fan Page Messages

▪   Before, users were unable to contact business pages via messages, now they can! This can make your page seem more approachable, and now people don’t have to post something on your timeline for the whole world to see, just to get in touch with you.

3. Admin Panel

▪   The new admin panel provides some useful information as a business owner. It tells you your new likes, displays your notifications and messages, and also shows a brief overview of your insights.

4. Backdating

▪   Now that you have the timeline, you can actually backdate important events, photos and business history

5. Pinning Posts

▪   Business page users now have the ability to mark a post as more important than others. This means that it will appear at the top of your timeline, even though you or others may have posted things since that post. This is a great tool if there is something important that you need your visitors to know.

 6. Facebook Offers and Sponsored Stories

▪   You can now provide offers to your followers directly in their newsfeed. This is something that can be used to get people to visit your business.

7. Reach Generator

▪   The reach generator is something that you can pay for to ensure that the information that is on your page is seen by 75% of your fans. This is a great tool to increase the traffic to your page.


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