Here are some new homepage designs for a new lingerie boutique that is opening in Wichita, KS. We love the clean, sophisticated look. What do you think?

Visit their website:

Design 1 (Vertical Layout):



Design 2 (Horizontal Layout):



Design 3 (Horizontal Layout):


22 Responses to Better Than Cheesecake Homepage Designs- New Lingerie Web Design (revised)

  1. I like Option #3. It’s still simple, but with this particular content, I like the navigation on the left. Easier to read and follow the navigatoin.

    In Option #2, I didn’t think the border added anything to the design.
    For Option #1, I found it harder to read with that particular content (hours, etc.)

  2. I really like 2. It seems balanced wth the navigational pieces to the side. I like the border on the side as it emphasizes femininity. Colorful, tasteful, sensual and somewhat delicate.

    #1 doesn’t pull me in without color and the harshness of the model’s look. Model doesn’t suggest classy to me.

    #3 seems to overemphasize sensuality as opposed to lingerie and draws the eye away from the navigational info. It would, however be my second choice.

  3. Option 1 is the best in my opinion for the minimalist style. Narrow margins seem to make browser & screen resolution compatibility easier. I like how the colorful logo balances the heavy black & white content that gives it the classy & simple feel. I think if you swapped the supermodel for maybe some Katharine Hepburn, you’d have a home run? Give my dawg Sarah a fist bump for me.

  4. Option #1 Catches my eye the most even after looking over them 3 times. I love the White and Black and the color on the frame outside for the options, It looks clean, sophisticated and sexy. #3 Is my second choice

  5. I love #1. It looks cleaner and more balanced in my opinion. I also feel it’s easier to navigate. I think less is more! The branding with the logo and photo should be the focus.. I feel it “pops” the most with #1!

  6. I like option 1, classy and simple for sure! Option 2 is a bit busy. I like option 3’s layout but not a fan of the pic.

  7. Thank you for the feedback! The large images are intended to be a slideshow that rotates new or featured products. The models are from advertising of a brand that will be carried. We are excited to design such a clean minimal site. We would like the site design to feel fresh and classy.

    What would you like to see in a fine lingerie shop in Wichita?

  8. I like #2 the full photo look but I do like the photo layout of #3 Dimensions. Hope this helps a little Cassanda

  9. The photo in #1 catches my eye the best, however the layout of the indexes are better in two and three. I am no help. They are all great!

  10. I like option 1 the best. It looks great and the only recommendation I’d offer is making the phone number and address more prominent. They blend in and you have to look pretty hard to find them, particularly given all the other eye-grabbing material present on the page.

    Good luck!

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